Untethered is a TV series about the connections between people. It’s about dreams, and about people who become connected through their dreams. I helped write the pilot episode, coming to cable in June.

imageOn the surface it appears to be an ordinary drama about young people dealing with strange circumstances, but there are big fish swimming in the deeps, and it bears for careful watching.

Should the show go to series, there’s a deep ‘Babylon 5’ style arc planned, so watch the pilot closely, and you might get some clues about what’s really going on.


imageIf you’ve read my ‘Fourth World’ series of novels, you’ll know that the Navajo feature strongly in it. Well, there is a lot of stuff that I left on the table in those novels, particularly a lot of Navajo mysticism around dreaming. Some of that is written into untethered, and one of the main characters Onera Benally is a Navajo, played by the wonderful Jessica Hendrickson.


If you are interested in advertising during the show, on a network that can reach 14 million people, drop me a line…I can get you a deal Smile

The trailer can be watched on IMDB here

2 thoughts on “untethered

  1. If this comment actually reaches you I want to tell you what a
    wonderful journey SGU took me on and when all of a sudden
    Netflix dropped it from streaming to DVD ordering I was so
    upset I did call them but they could not tell me if there was
    a season 3 which eventually wrap up the final and last course
    for Destiny’s space travel and it’s passengers. I read comments
    from others who were so angry and upset as I was. Please reply
    and let me know if Season 3 will ever aire on someone network.

    Thank you for writing and producing one of the most spectacular
    Sci-Fi series with only one other exception and that would be
    the original Star Trek series with Shattner and Leonard Nimoy

    1. Unfortunately there is no Season 3, and I don’t believe there ever will be. The scripts on this site are the closest you are going to get. :(

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