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My work on SGU, the TV show, and the Stargate Universe Virtual Third Season

I had the great privilege of spending some time with the cast and crew of the TV show ‘Stargate Universe’ when the first season was being filmed. I did this as part of my Silverlight Evangelist responsibility when I worked for Microsoft, and I consulted with the creators of the show around innovative ways that they could use Microsoft technology in the show, and in promoting the show. We had lots of crazy and cool ideas, many of which never came to fruition because of the show’s untimely cancellation.

Here’s one that did make it out of the labs though:

Synth 101

One project that (unfortunately) didn’t see the light of day was an innovation in embedding super-aural sounds in the show. These sounds, which could be picked up my a microphone on a computer, but not heard by a human, would trigger supplemental, second screen content. In order to demonstrate how it would work, I wrote and pitched a story for the first season of SGU, called ‘Racing the Dawn’, which involved the crew of Destiny saving the treasures of a dying planet. At various parts of the show (example, in an alien art gallery), the tone would sound, and the computer would respond by giving the user a wallpaper download of the art that the character is looking at. This story is now part of the Virtual Third Season of SGU (see below). I wish I had patented the idea, because second screen is now really hot — see who are now doing exactly what we were going to do in SGU back in 2009.

Having made some good friends amongst the folks at SGU, I hated leaving the story hanging, so, as a writer, I wanted to draw up a satisfactory conclusion to the story. Needing to cut my teeth in script writing, I decided to write some screenplays that would tell the bigger story that I wanted to see.

These are NOT official scripts. This is an enthusiasts outline for what might have been. I hate the term ‘fan fiction’, and try to avoid it :)

Some notes:

1. Consider these to be very much a ‘first draft’ quality. There are some continuity errors in here, including stating Destiny’s starting point as something other than what it said in the series (though to be fair, the series was a little vague), and a scene involving something very small coming back through an open wormhole. Ditto with a shuttle from Destiny going through a gate. For formatting — any screenwriter worth their salt can tell you everything I’ve done wrong with that here! Some day I’ll have to go back and make these ‘proper’ screenplays.

2. Lots of folks have critiqued the physics here. It’s all very theoretical stuff. Part of the plot of these involves the Universe having a physical center. Modern cosmology teaches us that this isn’t so. I don’t agree with Modern cosmological arguments, because the ones that I have seen ‘prove’ the lack of center using external, objective, measurement, and don’t hold up to internal, relative, measurement. Bottom line — it’s all theory, so don’t let an unproven theory get in the way of a good story! :)

So without further ado — the scripts:

Stargate Universe 3×01: Journey’s End  PDF

Stargate Universe 3×02: What you Believe In PDF

Stargate Universe 3×03: Racing the dawn PDF

Stargate Universe 3×04: Stations of The Cross PDF  EPUB

Stargate Universe 3×05: Lines of Communication  PDF EPUB

Stargate Universe 3×06: Entropy  PDF  EPUB

Stargate Universe 3×07: Shockwave  PDF  EPUB

Stargate Universe 3×08: The End of The World (Movie Length)  PDF  EPUB

[These scripts are written to honor a terrific TV show, and as an experimentation in script writing. It is a NON COMMERCIAL initiative. No copyright infringement is intended. If any is inferred, please contact me (lmoroney-att-yahoo-dottt-commm)]

 Even though this is non-commercial, hosting these files can get expensive. If you enjoyed the show, please contribute to the costs. There is no obligation, though. Thanks just for reading them!

126 thoughts on “SGU

  1. Its wonderful how easy is to picture the scene!
    I watched the 40 episodes in 3 days with my Netflix account!
    Maybe one day we will be able to watch the end of this amazing series!
    Good job! I am reading the number 4 now, can’t wait to see what will happen!

  2. I was iffy about whether I really wanted to read these or not; it seemed like a tease to me. The first one didn’t blow my mind, but I gave the second one a shot. BRAVO, good sir. It brought a tear to my eye. ID LOVE TO SEE THE FLEET, tho.
    I am on 3 now.

    Don’t forget, medical emergency, combat, random environmental threat.

    P.S. I never really thought about it before, but time moves differently on GPS satellites in Earth’s orbit, by a fraction, but its different, and i thought, if they’re billions of lightyears out there, three years for them wouldn’t be three years on earth. In fact, i feel like taking a bite of food would take a second on Destiny, and 100 years would pass on earth. Something the whole franchise overlooked, but would be far too complicated to keep up with in a series.

    Anyway, so far so good, im going back to reading.

    1. Actually, what u are referring to is moving faster than the speed of light. The drives they use bend space, so destiny doesn’t actually move. The destination literally gets pulled towards them through subspace. The amount of time it takes to jump is only relevant to the amount of time it takes for space to bend in a way that allows destiny to “drop out” at it’s intended destination.

    2. your assumption is based on the fact that earths gravity itself is what is tugging on spacetime and creating a fractional change in the sync of the clocks. wouldnt be the same for someone just travelling thru space. Ive thought about this before as well tho!

    3. Time distortion would only occur if they made a return trip, as they are only moving away special relativity says that time would be the same for both parties.

      1. Actually that’s not correct for time dilation. Close but not correct. From a stand point of each observer, the one on earth and the one actually moving away it would be unclear as to who was actually moving through space and time unless the one moving turned around and came back, but again that’s by observation until one alters their course. Irregardless the one actually moving away ages slower compared to the observer on earth. And the one moving away ages slower than the observer on earth but is only noticed until they make the turn back towards earth or a turn at all it doesn’t matter because the whole concept of observers and who is actually aging only becomes set once someone knows for a fact if they are moving, or I should say only proven once they are moving, proven to the self and the observer. Reality States that regardless what each person thinks the one who is actually moving faster than the other is the one aging slower. As to the GPS question itself, there’s an enormous amount of unrealistic issues with the show in regards to the laws of the universe lol but that doesn’t take away from the adventure were all on when we watch it! Love this show.

        1. The observer/aging theory only working if the traveller turns around breaks down once you have instantaneous communication regardless of distance. In the show the ‘stones’ give us that functionality, thus FTL/time dilation can be ‘proven’ without the need for turning back in order to be observed.

  3. This is an amazing piece of writing, it gave me a sense of relief knowing that even if SGU won’t come back on TV, I can turn to this as a fitting ending. The ideas in this, we amazing! It really makes you use your imagination and make you picture the whole thing in your head like you’re directing the whole movie inside you’re head. Thank you for writing this it is truly wonderful! Just a few questions about the episodes. Just a question,
    What happens to Rush in the last episode/movie? He goes into the chair but it doesn’t elaborate? And again thank you!

  4. That was good man, a few minor typos and such, but compelling. I got a little confused about the Eloi and Ancients battle, but it was good

  5. That was good man, a few minor typos and such, but compelling. I got a little confused about the Eloi and Ancients battle, but it was good

  6. Started watching SGU last year, came to S02E5 or 6 and then made along pause. Returned last week, watched the last 4 episodes tonight. Although I already knew there is no Season 3,I googled for it and came across this. Now I’m looking forward to reading this. It’s not really important if it’s officially approved or not, if it will be filmed one day or not. What matters the most is that the story goes on. Characters are already defined, scenes placed and we can be drawn into this universe once again, hopefully going towards a proper conclusion/ending.

    Thanks for making it possible.

  7. Im greatful for this. Thanks a lot. This is very good and true to the original. It is a full 24 episodes worth of storyline compressed into 9 action packed episodes. I enjoyed reading the aprox 400 pages very much.

  8. Its sad to know this serie wuold not continue on television, a priceless piece of art like this serie should never end on the way it ended. Thanks Laurence for publishing those scripts so we all fan’s could know the true end of SGU.

  9. You are the best ever! Thank you for giving SGU a fitting end, because the S2 cliffhanger really kept me hanging and eager for more and then *cancelled*! Also, thank you for not killing Ely, he is the character I most identified with even if I am not a math genius or anything.
    *spoiler alert*
    -One thing I found sort of cheap though, his sort of romantic interest in the end dies, and then he is “suddenly” together with her almost identical sister. Yeah, I know, time passed and things probably progressed more than “yah, my sister loved you so I must too” but I bought it anyway because get got some in the end. :)
    -Cool with the earth actually in more than just apparent peril that is avoided at the last second, cities in flame and all that, that was brave. Might not have been accepted in the tv series but hey, maybe it would. SGU was a much darker show than its predecessors.
    -I like you bringing in character from the other shows as well, I know the show did it but you brought in more. I guess your stories have no budget, huh? :)

    Anyway, thank you again.

    1. Yeah — I wondered about Eli/Sister plot point, and in the end I thought it was bittersweet, and it would look great on film… :)

  10. Thank you for taking the time and effort to write and post these stories. I’m glad I’m not the only one who wanted a season 3 of SGU…at least to give it a fitting end.

  11. Nice one, thanks for giving us closure! I really enjoyed reading your scripts, thanks for uploading them for us all to read. If they do finally finish the series & don’t use this story it will be a disappointment! lol

  12. Having watched all of SGU S1 & S2 recently and wanting more a search of the Internet bought me here.

    Its taken me 4 nights to read all of the episodes but with the characters and the story line so fresh in my mind it has been like watching season 3 for real. Thank You Laurence

    It would be nice to see this all made up into proper video episodes.

    The star in all this has to be Dr Rush played so very well by Robert Carlyle. He reminds me a little of Avon in Blakes 7 (Non British readers won’t know what the hell I am talking about)

    I still yearn for more, SGU was the best spin off from the Stargate concept but like all intelligent Sci-Fi it got axed without a proper ending. At least The X Files and Star Trek Voyger made it to a proper ending but there are the likes of Terry Nation’s Survivors which was remade here in the UK that got dropped at the end of Season 2 with no proper closure like the original 70s series. But the remake was better and much more violent as the restrictions on what TV can show has changed over the years.

    Laurence, just one more time, Thank You from an SGU fan


  13. I just need to stop by and say this was increadible. i think it was much better than the details that have since come out about where the show was going to go. You may not be “official” but your work is top notch and filled a gaping hole that desperatley needed something. I am not an obssed fan or anything like that, but this was some seriously good fiction. thank you for your time and efforts.

  14. Thank you so much! This effort of yours is an impressive attempt at filling the void left by the cancellation of SGU. The story is compelling and none of the errors are glaring enough to ruin the sense of immersion…this is a well-crafted project, especially considering it’s more a draft than a completed work. I really enjoyed it a lot, so thank you again. :)

  15. this was really an interresting readwith all 9 episodes. Great story lines, and action. I wonder if one of the younger genenration IT wonderboys would be able to make it visual via animation of some kind. That would be nice to have animated webisodes using these scripts if it does never make it to the real screens.

    1. Some folks did start an ‘Animated Third Season’, and I wrote a pilot script for them. However, they took the route of pretending to be a ‘real’ production company doing this, instead of fan-enthusiasts, and were quickly shut down by MGM.

      So that route is dead.

      I’ve been asking them for their 3D models, so I can put together a pitch to get a license to do a show, but they aren’t sharing :(

  16. Quite brilliant… you have a gift for this sir! Enjoyed it thoroughly and an immensely satisfying ending. Thank you!!!

  17. SGU was terrible. They did way too much dumb drama and were trying to give things quasi-deeper meaning.

    You sir kept the familiar terrible drama to a low, without breaking the characters, and I thank you. These were awesome. It was like SGU except compacted with all of the lesbian heartache political ‘we’re running out of food WHERES MY BABY’ mutiny irrational decision making garbage cut out and all of the ancient alien battle war fleet scifi black hole FTL jumping earth destroying O’Neill quipping awesomeness dialed in. See what I did there?

  18. Many thanks for this work! Have read three of them and they are all really good. Because I know the series and characters well, it’s easy to visualize everything that’s happening (and thanks to the evocative writing of course).

    Looking forward to the rest. I need to space these out to savor them though…

    My highest compliments, sir.

  19. Brilliant scripts would be very happy if the official 3rd season had followed this story line, any chance if its even possible for a season 4

    1. When you get to the end you’ll see that the story wraps up neatly, and there’d be no need for an S4.

      I had plotted a book/movie called ‘Nexus’ that I was trying to get funding to do, which would be a new spin off in a new direction, based after this S3. But it didn’t happen…

  20. I like the whole series,and i have watched every episodes and every seasons,all scenes are very fantastic,the story is full of imagination .I hope to see the season 3 of SGU,and hope to see the other series concerned.

    thank you, Laurence Moroney,bring us the most experience .

  21. Like so many, I was bummed when Universe was left on a cliff hanger. And while these scripts may not be the official answer, they were very well thought out, had the feel of the show, and gave me some closure to what might have happened. Thank you for sharing your vision and sharing these scripts. Reading the first 3 was like watching one more season and feeling like I had some closure. It sure would be nice to see at least the first two made into a movie to have real closure. But alas, without the set, this is unlikely to happen.

  22. Thank you for responding but out of curiosity you mention the nexus spin off which went In different direction, was wondering if you could shed some light on this

    Thank you

  23. Nexus was a smaller, more intimate story. It starts with an incoming wormhole at SG-C, which fails, and the team that was coming through were turned into mush. Similarly, all over the known worlds, the gates failed, and nobody knows why. Meanwhile, on a distant world, at exactly the same time, an archaeological expedition unearthed something that drove the head scientist crazy, causing her to completely lose her mind. The story switches to a group of mystery people searching for a man — a Bill Gates style billionaire genius who has fallen off the face of the Earth. They believe that he is the key to solving the enigma….but he wants nothing to do with them. It was designed to be a standalone novel/low budget movie that could spin off into a series….

  24. MGM didn’t issue the license to allow me to write the book, but I’m hopeful that the new Amazon Kindle Worlds moves into that space, then I’ll push out the novelization.

  25. Thank you so much for concluding a series that ended too soon, wasting such potential. Thank you for fulfilling my every expectation to the sheer monumental scale of the implications of what was already set in motion in the actual series. This is worth more appreciation than a single website, with a simple reply box, can offer. I always adored the way some shows and books attempt to give their own explanation of religions, legends and the mysteries of our world, but I particularly enjoyed the SG franchises take on it all, mainly because of my passion for astronomy and physics. I am no professor, but the way SG strived to be, in its own universe, plausible, for me, was what made the show. And then to have it all sum up to this awe inspiring finale..Covering not only the mysteries of the who and the why behind Destiny, the stargates, but.. Everything! Thank you, thank you so much.

    I am now stuck in my couch, unable to lift my self out of this oblivious state of mind. All I can say is, I hope mankind one day reaches beyond our own solar system, our own galaxy, and maybe our own universe, and thus, reach infinity in time, space and knowledge.

  26. Hey, here’s a dumb stargate question… I obviously can’t get a really official answer, but I’ll settle for asking a scriptwriter :)

    Could a Goa’uld symbiote ever infect an elephant?

    I’m thinking like, Ganesh as a system lord, maybe with some jaffants… japhphants… elephant jaffa.

    1. Yes technically they could. However, go’auld are narcissistic and power hungry. An elephant wouldn’t offer them the mental and physical abilities a parasite would require to conquer the galaxy.

  27. Thank you very much for these episodes. As many here have said, they are a fitting end to such a wonderful series. I still hope that one day we will see this on tv. Great work. I’m now looking forward to your “Unthetered” show. Cheers

  28. I have read season 3. The end of SGU not nice as much as episodes. From the center of the blackhole, coming back to earth !!! Must be thinking on end little bit more.

  29. @Joseph. Time is relative. They didn’t have to keep track of how time passes differently on destiny. they only had to keep track of time relative to what Earth believes the time is. They aren’t orbiting anything so there isn’t a designated day or night. The only indication that it is night is the fact that the characters get tired. Since we haven’t actually made a star ship that can sustain life on long voyages (nor do we know what tech the Ancients had) we can’t predict how a person will again in space (the only real way to determine if time is different outside of Earth). If they age slower then time is passing faster on Earth. Since that is unlikely it is safe to assume that the characters on Destiny can use the same time reference as the people on Earth.

    On a side note this was epic. The only thing that saddens me, is that we may never see what could be the best battle scene in all of the Stargate franchises. I would love to see Ascended beings going at it like they do in the last episode.

  30. I would like to admit I never comment on a blog. This is my first time in all the years of using the internet. Your scripts I felt are so deserving of a comment that I could not refuse. I thoroughly enjoyed each and every single line you wrote. The writing was so descriptive that I felt I was aboard Destiny. I am a huge fan of all three SG shows, and felt robbed the way they ended SGU. Thank you for completing the series for me, and I feel it was a proper ending for the show.

    On a side note, I must say you have a real talent for writing and if I were you I would stick with it. Good luck in all you endeavors, because success is not far behind you.

    Thank you once again,

    A dedicated die hard SG fan.

  31. Absolutely incredible! The last episode/movie was so intense. Great writing and imagination. I just wish Young and Greer AND Scott had not all died…. it would have been fitting to at least keep one of the those three valiant men alive. But, knowing soldiers/marines/troops as I do it makes sense. Bravo for giving us a MUCH needed closure to this series that was so amazing. Thank You!

  32. To everyone, thanks for the comments! Keep them coming!

    As for writing, my novel “The Fourth World” has just been revised, updated and reissued. There’s lots of SG and SGU references in it, and its sequels “The Million Year Journey”, and “The Legend of the Locust”, which are also being revised and reissued later this year…

  33. Thank you for this.

    Like so many others, I was deeply saddened by SGU ending, and on a cliff hanger to boot. I came across this site while looking for any books that would continue the SGU saga, and your screen plays are filling in nicely. I am enjoying them immensely.

  34. I also would like to say (as a reply to the post I Just tried to make) if Season 3 gets made (if enough donations, get made?) I would personally like to see Atlantis fire up the wormhole drive, and instantly be at destiny to either:

    A: pick them up and bring some of them home (don’t like this idea)
    B: Arrive near destiny with supplies and defense (near the end of Eli’s second week trying to fix the pod) and tells him to stop the FTL jump, and have Atlantis completely obliterate a few command ships while repairs on destiny are started, maybe even some upgrades. (perhaps an asgard core installed).

    I like option B.

  35. Hey, this was really great, thanks for all your effort! Just finished a re-watch of the show and this has gone a long way to satisfying my desire for an ending to a great show.

  36. @archie — nice ideas, but I like the way I bring D home in these scripts :)

    Big issue with option (B) is, that if their drive could get them as far as where Destiny is, that’s one thing. Finding them is quite another. It’s a big Universe out there, and finding them would be like looking for a microscopic piece of hay in a planet-sized stack of needles :)


  37. Thank-you for delivering closure.

    I am confused on a couple of points, and would appreciate your help clearing the confusion up.

    1. Who are the white aliens? It seems they partnered up with the ancients, but were not

    2. The armada at the start of the series seems different, than those who showed up at the end. The second part to this is, why did they show up in the first place.

    3. Why kill most of the military personnel off, and leave most of the civilians alive?

  38. @masmune —
    1. They are a very old race of aliens from the SGU galaxy. Like the rest of the armada, they are attempting to prevent the Eloi or anyone else from ‘ending’ our Universe in order to create the next. In their paranoia, they also want to prevent civilizations from growing too quickly, hence the plague.

    2. It’s the same one.

    3. Because that’s the way soldiers do things. They give their lives to save the civilians. They wouldn’t be doing their job if they survived and the civvies died.

  39. Mr. Moroney, I first read episodes one and two a few years ago, but then lost the web address to read the rest (computer crash). Yesterday, I searched for about four hours, determined to find them again. (There are a lot of other versions out there!) I finally found yours last night just before bed. Thank goodness! And definitely thank you! Downloaded them all this time and saved away for safe keeping. Absolutely love them! ~TL

    1. It’s the best serie i’ve ever seen. I’m from The Netherlands and episodes 1/4 have been bctdarasoed. I saw the whole season and I can’t believe there isn’t coming another season! Were the ratings and numbers that bad in the US? Here and in the rest of Europe flashforward is considered an amazing serie. Even if I had to pay to watch it I would do it. I still got loads of questions and so many things haven’t been answered. It’s a shame! Hopefully they will change their decision in the future.

  40. Mr. Moroney, I first read episodes one and two a few years ago, but then lost the web address to read the rest (computer crash). Yesterday, I searched for about four hours, determined to find them again. (There are a lot of other versions out there!) I finally found yours last night just before bed. Thank goodness! And definitely thank you! Downloaded them all this time and saved away for safe keeping. Absolutely love them! ~TL

  41. Mr. Moroney, I first read episodes one and two a few years ago, but then lost the web address to read the rest (computer crash). Yesterday, I searched for about four hours, determined to find them again. (There are a lot of other versions out there!) I finally found yours last night just before bed. Thank goodness! And definitely thank you! Downloaded them all this time and saved away for safe keeping. Absolutely love them! ~TL

    1. i don’t get it, apparently edvryboey on the net, 90% or so, say that this show is the best and it shouldn’t be cancelled. i think this way too, i love it so much that when i heard there won’t be season two i cried. people that don’t like this show are just too slow minded, i study physics and believe me, this show got more than a point. the question is: if edvryboey or so loves it, is abc stupid or what? i’m puzzled O.o

      1. If you’re talking about SGU there was a second season, there just wasn’t a third…

        If you’re talking about Flashforward — I much preferred the book by Robert Sawyer… :)

  42. Mr. Moroney, I first read episodes one and two a few years ago, but then lost the web address to read the rest (computer crash). Yesterday, I searched for about four hours, determined to find them again. (There are a lot of other versions out there!) I finally found yours last night just before bed. Thank goodness! And definitely thank you! Downloaded them all this time and saved away for safe keeping. Absolutely love them! ~TL

  43. I’ve just read the whole script, and the last episode it was really great. Thank you for giving us a an end to this series, and i really hope one day they will air it or at least give us a an anime based or similar to YOUR WRITING. It was tense, it was really good, you should do it more often and share with US. Best of regards

    1. Thanks Karlos! :) More of my writing is on — there are 3 books ‘The Fourth World’, ‘The Million Year Journey’ and ‘The Legend of the Locust’… :)

    2. the best tv series ive ever seen beeetr than all the otherrubish they put on.i hope they change there minds and make a series 2 .ABC should have a flash forward them selves and see thereare a lot of fan of the show.even the people who slated it still found them selves hereand talking about it ..

  44. That was a good finish of SGU. I read all episodes as soon as i got some spear time.
    It answered the questions left hanging in the s2 I also like the problems back at earth resulting in someting a lot of fans wanted in the end of SG1. That it should hapend in a movie bit it did not get made.
    I still wish for the SGU to come back on TV but if not, this is a fitting ending for the show.

  45. Thank God I can read! I’m a Star Trek fan, and I found your scripts exciting and fresh! I got into SGU every since episode 1 on SyFy, and I was upset that they cancelled it. I’m hoping they’ll get picked up by NetFlix or Amazon….it would be awesome to continue their adventures.

    Your season 3, though, cut their adventures off too short. Your series finale script made me sad that not all of them made it back, or they couldn’t change their future….but it was fantastic, nonetheless! Thanks for letting me read them!

  46. Started reading the first. Couple of thoughts if you don’t mind, while I’m reading. You won’t like me.
    Also, spoiler alert.

    - why did Destiny drop out of FTL in between the galaxies, and jump back later, in the teaser?
    - Who put the communications stone in place for Chloe? The kino?
    - Young can not interrupt Rush on the radio. A radio either broadcasts or receives, can not do both in the same time.
    -Chloe going to bed right after she woke up? Uncharacteristic to say the least.
    - TJ knows that she saw a simulation, plus Caine and the others came back to Destiny. Why would she say -…a planet “where Caine is? Where my daughter is?”
    -Why did everyone – incl. civilians – follow Scott towards the Obelisk? Weren’t they supposed to gather supplies? They have no food at all..
    -Scott would never leave anyone alone on an unexplored alien planet.
    -Also, they are on a planet with a shuttle. They could take it to the obelisk if time is an issue (nightfall). But, if you fly a shuttle, wouldn’t you land somewhere on a planet where it’s not this close to nightfall to begin with?
    - The communication stones have nothing to do with any of the ships systems. Why would they start working if the ships systems are back online?
    -Who would take a blind person on a search for someone? Also, they find a lit up corridor. And when Greer says “What do we have here?” the blind girl doesn’t ask “what is it?” she says “Watch out”?
    -Chloe did not hurt Eli.
    - Blue aliens: yes, the crew was asleep for 3 years, but Destiny was in one continuous FTL jump during that time.

    I’m really interested in your idea on how to finish the show, but this feels like a pre-first draft and all these make it hard to read. You might feel like I’m looking for small insignificant errors, but these are not insignificant. You have sacrificed the continuity of the story and the characters, so that you could get to where you wanted to go.
    Hope you don’t mind my comments.

    PS: Destiny forgot to recharge.

    1. It’s been over three years since I wrote them, and I certainly didn’t memorize them, but I’ll do my best..

      [Remember, these are first draft quality, and the writing process, if these were real, would involve fixing bugs like those you call out]

      >>why did Destiny drop out of FTL in between the galaxies, and jump back later, in the teaser?< <

      - Dramatic effect primarily. I wanted to show that she was between Galaxies, as a continuation of where we left her

      >>Who put the communications stone in place for Chloe? The kino?< <


      >>-Chloe going to bed right after she woke up? Uncharacteristic to say the least.< <

      There's no indication that the suspension pods are the equivalent of 'sleep' -- sometimes we need to sleep to reboot ourselves, remove stress -- and she's been in a stressful, confusing situation

      >>- TJ knows that she saw a simulation, plus Caine and the others came back to Destiny. Why would she say -…a planet “where Caine is? Where my daughter is?”< <

      Does she know that? Can you point out where she acknowledged that she knew it was a simulation? It was left very abstract as far as I remember.

      >>Why did everyone – incl. civilians – follow Scott towards the Obelisk? Weren’t they supposed to gather supplies? They have no food at all..< <

      They have food. Checking out the obelisk on a planet that they artificially stopped at (curiosity and all that) swayed them. And the clearing was only 'half a click' from the Obelisk. As Rush said, it's the second time they've encountered an artificial planet like this, and the last time there was a dire need...

      >>-Scott would never leave anyone alone on an unexplored alien planet.< <

      She told him to, and told him that she'd follow his path (i.e. she is right behind him)

      >>Also, they are on a planet with a shuttle. They could take it to the obelisk if time is an issue (nightfall). But, if you fly a shuttle, wouldn’t you land somewhere on a planet where it’s not this close to nightfall to begin with?< <

      But they saw the obelisk, and went to that. As Scott alluded from 'last time' it's almost like they were guided towards it.

      >>The communication stones have nothing to do with any of the ships systems. Why would they start working if the ships systems are back online?< <

      Good question. They need *something* to power them though, right? Don't they just 'plug it in' somewhere on the ship?

      >>Who would take a blind person on a search for someone? Also, they find a lit up corridor. And when Greer says “What do we have here?” the blind girl doesn’t ask “what is it?” she says “Watch out”?< <

      Just because she's blind, she's not going to sit around doing nothing. She wants to help. The natural one to take her is Greer, so he does. As for 'Watch out' -- it's well documented that when we lose one sense, we learn to trust others more. While the others were peering around trying to figure out what they were seeing, she heard a threat.

      >>Chloe did not hurt Eli.< <

      She broke his heart.

      >>Blue aliens: yes, the crew was asleep for 3 years, but Destiny was in one continuous FTL jump during that time.< <

      Not necessarily. Remember the opener?

      >>You have sacrificed the continuity of the story and the characters, so that you could get to where you wanted to go.< <

      Not at all. I have written a story based on my interpretation of where the continuity was going. Technically there is no continuity because the show is dead...but this was written as one person's vision of where it was headed, with a view to wrapping it up. If they had their druthers, they would have wrapped up the story in about 60 episodes. I did it in 8, so I had to accelerate a lot of stuff.

      But definitely not sacrificing continuity or characters...

      >>Hope you don’t mind my comments.< <

      Definitely not! Keep ‘em coming :)

    2. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGHHHHH ! just watched last epsoide and had to find out when new series starting ! gutted what a bunch of morons. FF was awesome only thing worth watching on CHANNEL 5 , BRING IT BACK YOU ARSEHOLES. I’d happily pay for next series on DVD It proved to us in GB that the US can make decent programmes.LOST wish they had lost it Heroes bored after 1st series , This was awesome .numpties.

  47. damm man soo glad that you made this stuff
    I recently got hooked into the Stargate Franchise and I love it
    When I heard that SGU ended on a cliffhanger I was dissapointed because I always want closure with the TV shows I watch
    Thanks man!!
    Maybe you could do some kind of crossover movie script/book with the characters of all three Stargate series?? I know the directors of the stargate tv franchise wanted to it but in the end it didnt happen
    ( I haven’t read this virtual season yet so maybe you have already some kind of crossover here…)

    1. if you count adding McKay, Carter, Mitchel, Vala, O’Neill into the story. then he succeeded. It would have been nice to feature Daniel Jackson though- hard to imagine him not being involved.

  48. Now I can die in peace!! Thank you for that fabulous masterpiece… I never though that should end by this way….

    Thank you!!!

  49. Thank you so much for these scripts Laurence. As many others I was really irritated when sgu was canceled. The show in the beginning was not my favorite but really started to get good in the second season. When it ended it was frustrating knowing I would never know what the end game was for the show or what was the significance of the background microwave radiation.
    With a lot of speculation from different sources pointing to an ending that involved the crew becoming the beginning of the ancient civilization I am so glad that your scripts go in a different direction with the end game for the show. I’ll be honest I have a couple questions about the last episodes and hope reading the scripts again will clarify things for me but overall what a great ending to the story. Thanks!

    1. They are very much first draft quality, so I probably haven’t covered all the story bases, but I’m glad you enjoyed.

      Where is the speculation you mentioned? I’d like to take a look…

  50. Wow, the things you wrote about in here just blew my mind. I had a lot of fun reading the plot-line you developed.
    I don’t know if the ideas presented in these scripts are your own or combined with the general direction of the show, but it sure gave me closure for the Stargate franchise. SGU was a bit of a let down due to bad lighting and poor continuity, but you gave it a purpose, fitting for a star ship called “Destiny”.
    Thank you very much for this satisfying ending to a series i loved deeply.

    1. The ideas are my own, taken from looking at where the story threads were headed, combined with a novel I had always wanted to write about Entropy. I guess I’m not going to write it now :)

  51. Awesome writing Mr. Laurence
    I have this scifi movie/book idea that is bugging me for long years. How much would it cost for you to write the screen play/book?

  52. Hey, great stuff. I really enjoyed reading everything you have and I wanted to start by saying that so you don’t take any of my comments or criticism too harshly because I really enjoyed what you wrote. My comments are in no particular order I am writing them as I remember things I had problems with.

    1. The ending with the destruction of all ascended beings didn’t make sense to me. I thought the point of the big crunch at the end would destroy and build a new universe not counting those aboard the Destiny. Instead it seemed all that happened was the destruction of ascended beings.

    2. The whole back and forth of Eli and Barnes seemed too forced. Eli supposedly falls in love with her in one episode so much that her death completely threw him off the end? And then he goes to Earth and marries her sister? Plus I understand through all of that he might want revenge for her death but the dialogue sounded completely unlike Eli. I had to check to make sure you actually had written it was Eli saying it during that part. I think there entire relationship needs removed from this part. And if you don’t there is no reason to kill her because Ascended Ancients could easily subdue anyone without killing.

    3. The aliens with the black hole devices were awesome but intentions were really confusing. They destroy a solar system with a populated world of aliens who are capable of preventing the disease from hurting a host to prevent the disease from spreading? Plus when Destiny finds the “cure” or that they are trying to communicate but are accidentally killing there hosts the aliens are so grateful that they come on board and cure everyone? If the aliens are grateful for finding the cure why would they come aboard destiny to “unlock” the computers? The data in the computers was already unlocked completely from the master code being cracked.

    4. You need more clarification on the chair being the key to reforming the universe. I was really confused the whole time on that.

    5. The idea of the Eloi pretending to be allies to the Destiny crew so they can use them makes no sense. Any beings that are that powerful could have easily taken over the Destiny and done whatever they wanted without the need for help.

    6. One minor and huge problem was that you 3 times had stargates dialing a stargate in the same system. Twice the black hole aliens dialed destiny in the same system and you had destiny dial earth when Chloe brought destiny to earth orbit.

    7. I LOVED the way you handled the lucian alliance and the salvation of Earth from them. It was perfect and I felt like that was perfect.

    8. The flashback sequences with the original ancients (Altarans) was really cool. The only problem I had was that it didn’t make sense that you would include him as absorbed in to Destiny but we never saw him unit the end was near.

    I have some more issues and if you ever decide to do some rewrites based on any of my comments I would love to give you more detail on each of my points and how they could have been done better. Remember what I mentioned at the beginning though, I really love what you have done here and my comments are only meant to help it more. I loved SGU and you did a good job continuing the storyline in what I would consider and fantastic alternate ending to SGU.

    1. Great stuff and well thought out feedback! Thank you.

      If I ever go back to these to move them beyond a 1D, I’ll be sure to let you know.

  53. Thank you for taking this all so seriously. I never connected with Stargate until SGU. This series was one of the best ever produced and I wish it just went on and on. You closure is logical, exciting, clean and well written. A fitting end even if it never gets produced. Thank you.

  54. I remember reading this a few years ago. Its really quite good. I also remember hoping SGU would go the way of Carl Sagan and Comos, using a fully functional ship of the line from the Ancients to witness all sorts of Astrophysical Phenomena.

    I also remember during the series hoping the ship was Haunted, perhaps by souls who tried to Ascend albiet through the ships computer systems.. as a kind of Lifeboat.. recall that episode of SG-1 with Daniel Jackson?

    Close to the end they did bring in the Cosmic Background Radiation and the mystery of the “Face of god” is there a message hidden in there? In the Asymmetries we can “see” are there actual remnants of a Universe from before.. or is it a “window” on the larger world outside what we think of as our Universe?

    When we are small and in our own crib.. that is our world.. our Universe.. but just on the Edge is a large world.. something “Beyond”.. and I always wondered if that is what the Ancients discovered.. why they left.. why they gave up playing with childish toys in the nursery.

    In the end they were seeking a way home.. or an answer.. what were the Ancients really Searching for?

    And if the Ancients found it.. and never returned.. what would befall the crew of the Destiny?

    Live the Journey.. a benediction.. and a curse.. eventually I would have hoped they would have come together and found they’re petty squabbles mattered not.. and they had more in common that what they did not.. and that there were more important things .. Out There..

  55. THANK YOU FOR YOUR WORK! I am a huge fan of the Stargate franchise and have devoted countless hours of my life watching the movie and all three series several times over. While there are other SciFi franchises out there that are excellent, Stargate has always appealed to me because of the virtually unlimited opportunities for different storylines and the fascinating way that mythoglogy is wrapped into it. The writing, continuity and interplay between all three series is unique and special. For me, Stargate Universe really hit its stride in the first 8 episodes and kept up the pace until the S02 season finale. I was devastated when I learned that the series had been cancelled, and was hoping for a last minute reprieve similar to what happened with Babylon 5′s last season. While I understand the reasons that SyFy cancelled the show, I think it is pretty clear (as with B5) that there is a significant fan-base out there that are not represented by Nielsen ratings and are discovering the show through other outlets such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. I can only hope that one day MGM realizes the value of what they have in the rights to the franchise and more Stargate related adventures can be brought to the screen.

    As far as fan-fiction goes, this is just about the best work I have ever had the pleasure of reading. Not only did you maintain the integrity of the show, you did an amazing job retaining the feel and dialouge of the characters. The situations were well crafted and easy to imagine within the framework of the Stargate universe. The story moved along at a rapid pace, and I read through all of the material in one VERY long sitting because I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN! I was salivating to find out how the story would progress. I realize this is draft work, and per your comments you fast-tracked a lot of this, but the storyline could easily be extended out into several seasons worth of material. And, yes, there are a few issues that the zealots have pointed out, but that is what writing revisions are for!

    Thank you for providing closure and a fantastic wrap-up to many of the questions asked, yet not answered, in the series. While it may not be considered canon by MGM, or the producers / writers of the series, I sure as hell am glad that you took the time to write this and wish you the best of luck. I will DEFINITELY be picking up the three books you referenced in your comments above, and will see if I can find out information on the cable series you alluded to. I enjoyed your writing style, and would love to see what more polished / complete works spring from your noggin! It is the least I can to to express my gratitude for providing a believable and entertaining wrap-up to the franchise!


  56. hi, first apologize for my English, I’m Spanish, and here, education is at ground level … (joke XD).
    I read the first chapters, but I slowly, stopping to go I have to translate some things.
    I have to say I did not expect this. Like many fans I also died when the series was canceled, because it suggested to me that the franchise would end (three years later I still have the doubt, hoping that the rumors are true of new movies).
    while I wait I will read its history, which so far is meeting the expectations.
    I would like to ask you if you let me do the translations (at least the first episode) for my Spanish language forums, so take your work beyond the boundaries of language (there are many people who have worse English than me … XD)
    I hope I have expressed myself correctly, and especially thank you for the excellent work.

  57. Whether or not you hate the term “fan fiction” doesn’t mean you have to post these on here. You said it gets expensive, but there are several pales you can keep them for free. Despite your hatred of the term, is probably the best place. Another great place would be the counterpart site, It’s not fan fiction, and is original work, so I’m not sure if they’d allow this up on there….
    Just a suggestion. Worth the money or no?

    Going to read it now :)

    1. I don’t *hate* the term fan fiction.

      As for hosting myself — it was essential because I wanted to get accurate readership records. Third party sites won’t share the type of metrics I needed, and by releasing control of the content, who knows where it might end up. (I’ve seen stuff like this sold at cons as ‘genuine’ against the authors will)

      Accurate readership records would feed into the revival effort, but even the staggering numbers I’ve gotten with these scripts wasn’t enough.

  58. Thank you, thank you, thank you for writing such brilliant stories to end not just SGU, but the entire franchise. The way you ended everything was just so perfect. For me, this is canon.

  59. Great work of fiction. SGU ended before a proper ending, and this was a great way to wrap up the story. You should consider working on TV and film scripts. You have a good pace down. Obviously not everyone will be satisfied with the direction and the end result, but I felt it was a great way to wrap up SGU. Since Stargate is dead as far as MGM is concerned, this was a way to give the fans the gift of a real ending. You’ve done something incredible here, and I hope you continue writing.

    1. Thanks Jack. I’ve written a produced TV show, as well as a few unproduced movies. I’ve also got a series of novels on Amazon and in book sellers everywhere :)

  60. This is just great. It is really a shame not to be able to see this on TV. It would be great if someone could crowdfund this interesting project and make it real.(The problem would be the rights :( ) In any case, great work mate!.

    1. Exactly — it’s all about the rights. I tried to buy the rights for a book-based continuation, but MGM wouldn’t sell.

  61. Found these last night and I am now half way thru the 3v series.
    Very well done …. I can picture all of the scenes and transitions….

    Just for reference (as I have never read an actual TV script) is this the actual layout/form of a SGU script ?

    I have not yet finished but could there be a v4 series ?

    1. It’s close to the layout of an actual script, but not 100% right. I wasn’t using script-writing software when I wrote these — perhaps I should have :)

  62. Just finished reading all 8 episodes.. Very well done …
    I asked earlier if there would a season 4 … not much reason for that after reading the s3x8. Thanks for tying up most all of the loose threads that the SGU cancelation left hanging…

    Best wishes.

    1. I had been working on a proposed book series called ‘Stargate Nexus’ that followed on from these events, with a view to seeing if there’d be interest in a TV movie, but MGM wouldn’t sell me the rights :(

  63. Laurence: Totally pro work. I’ve just read the first episode and it flowed exactly like I was watching the premiere of Season 3. Please keep writing, as I’ll probably have blazed through the lot and be jonesing for more by morning. Excellent work man.

  64. Hi Laurence,

    Just wanted to say that I’ve read your season 3 episodes and thought they were great! I found SGU on amazon prime and started it not realizing the show wasn’t finished when they cancelled!! Thank you for giving me some closure. :)

    Anyway, one little comment I wanted to provide to you. In 3×04 you mention I-95 as the interstate that runs from Seattle to Chicago. It’s actually I-90 that you’re talking about, as I-95 runs north/south along the east coast. As a native Washingtonian just thought I should throw that out there.

    Thanks so much for sharing this awesomeness with us!

    1. I know…and duh on me, I don’t live too far from North Bend where the action takes place, and I still go the highway number wrong, despite driving on it almost every day! :)

  65. These were very well written! I have a few questions about some of it in which I would love to know your back-story thoughts on them…

    - At the final battle, we see the Eloi attacking the white ships, so I just wanted to clarify:
    Why would the white ships’ species support Destiny to destroy the universe? and…
    Why did the Eloi destroy the white ships if they want Destiny to achieve its goal? This would be indicated since we see them helping the crew of the Destiny along the way, so why help them if you don’t want them to succeed?
    - When the Ancients started attacking the Eloi, is that because they wanted Destiny to succeed in destroying the universe? We know it was Amelius’ goal to do this, but why would the ascended ancients want this to happen? Other than the Ori, the ascended ancients we have seen are “the good guys” or at the very least, neutral.

    1. It’s been a while since I wrote it, and might need to re-read before I can give an accurate answer, but ultimately the point was that Destiny was the best means by which the Universe could be destroyed, so, everybody wanted to control it and have a piece of that action.

      The Eloi recognized that the Ancients had built Destiny for that purpose, so they were going to use it for themselves.

      The Ancients built it for that purpose, and they were trying to control it. As for the ‘why’ — if the Universe is destroyed, then they are destroyed along with it (even the Ascended ones), and they wanted to ensure that wouldn’t happen. So while many were neutral, this was a fight for survival, and even neutrals would get involved in such a fight.

      Everyone else was either trying to stop Destiny, or, if they couldn’t, then hitch a ride aboard so that they could be part of the next Universe too.

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    I’m looking for a motif or plugin that might be able to resolve this condition. Please share if you have any suggestions.
    Brief question that’s thoroughly out theme.
    My site appears to be odd when browsing.

    1. There’s no easy answer — it depends on how you built it. If you use WordPress — choose a template that is mobile-friendly.

  67. The constant copyright notes are pretty useless for audio-book software. I was interested in adding it to my collection, not anymore

    1. ?? You can load a PDF into your audio book reader? Interesting. I’ll see if I can dig out the masters and do a copyright-stripped version.

      The reason for the notices was that when this first came out it was insanely popular, and people were passing it off (i.e. selling them) as if they were ‘real’

  68. I was a little bit obsessed with SGU when it was airing and, some years later, I am still gutted and angry that it got cancelled. I have just finished reading your scripts here and, whilst they’re not ‘official’, I thoroughly enjoyed how they wrapped up the story.

    Thank you for writing these and for hosting them for so long on your site, you’ve made the cancelling of this show a lot less bitter :-) .

  69. Thank you for some well needed closure! Brilliantly written and increasingly exciting as you go along! I just have one question, what happened to Rush as he vanished from the Chair? Thanks again, I really enjoyed the read!

  70. I started watching SGU on Amazon Prime last week, got through Season 1 then Season 2 and was crushed to see it was cancelled. Don’t know that I would have watched it had I known. But I thoroughly enjoyed your 3rd season and truly appreciated the closure it provided. Thank you so much.

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